旬のおすすめ|in season!

Fri 19th May 2023 [16:46]
Name: kaikaya bts
This is fresh wasabi (Japanese horseradish) we use for our sashimi. For about 30 years, we have been sourcing it from the Miyahara Farm in UTOGI, Shizuoka Prefecture. Utogi, with its preserved natural slopes and pristine mountain streams, is also known as the birthplace of wasabi cultivation. The wasabi we use is not the large kind that resembles a golf grip, often used in high-end sushi restaurants, but rather small ones around 8cm in length. The reason for this is that regardless of their size, all wasabi plants grow in the same cultivation period. Therefore, we believe that the smaller ones have a more condensed flavor.

Title: とうもろこしだよ全員集合。
Mon 15th May 2023 [11:48]
Name: kaikaya bts
We offer a delicate KAKI-AGE (circular tempura), featuring fresh corn kernels expertly shaved off the cob with a Japanese knife, mixed with SAKURA-EBI (spotted shrimp), onions, and mitsuba (Japanese parsley). The corn we're using at this time is the "Gold Rush" from Kyushu, renowned for its incredible sweetness. With the crispy tempura batter, a hint of salt, and the aromatic flavor of the sakura-ebi, there's no doubt that this dish will pair excellently with sake or beer. We plan to continue serving this menu item until the end of September. We highly encourage you to come and enjoy it!

Title: ほんさか。
Thu 11th May 2023 [11:00]
Name: kaikaya bts


The fish in today's photo are all "grilled" fish. From the top are CHIDAI, AKAHATA, ONAGA-DAI, and with black spots near the caudal fin OKINA-HIMEJI, Their backs and bellies are bright red because the red color is inconspicuous in the depths where the sun's rays do not reach and they escape the eyes of their natural enemies, the white belly of CHIDAI and ONAGA-DAI is to avoid being seen by natural enemies when they are targeted from below by the sun's rays. From KAIKAYA fish meister.

Title: ほんさか。
Mon 08th May 2023 [12:16]
Name: kaikaya bts
昨日は土砂降りの連休最終日で開花屋もVery quietになるかと思いきや、大入りを頂き誠に有難うございました。今朝も河岸に出かける時間は昨日と同じ冷たい雨で、車のエアコン暖房デフをかけてやや重な気分で買い出しに行って参りました。

Fresh, live abalone is sprinkled with sake and steamed for 20 minutes to tenderize it. This dish is called "MUSHI-AWABI" in Japanese. It is sliced, stuffed in its original shell with Gorgonzola risotto, coated with butter soy sauce, and baked in the oven at 280°C.
It is a dish of the HANA course.

Title: ほんさか。
Sat 06th May 2023 [12:00]
Name: kaikaya bts
Before 1868, Tokyo was known as "EDO".
And people were born and raised there, called "Edokko".
And even today, people born and raised in Tokyo are called "Edokko".
Therefore, these fish are also "Edokko".